VP, Human Resources

Job Summary

Responsible for developing and implementing Catalyst’s Human Resources business plan, establishing accountability, identifying solutions to resolve problems, and fostering a diverse workplace that enables all employees to contribute to the organization at their full potential. Provide management, leadership, and direction to all HR staff as well as outside consultants, such as recruiters and other vendors. Act as senior-level advisor to executives and employees regarding Human Resources matters, trends and issues. Create a people-centric, high-performing culture that is aligned with the firm’s Core Values, operational excellence and efficiency goals.

Job Duties

  • Drive the execution of Human Resource strategies throughout the company within the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) framework. Specifically, through clear accountability, performance management, employee development and recognition programs.
  • Develop, implement and maintain consistent employee engagement programs to drive morale, and increase productivity and retention
  • Manage Catalyst’s Employee Benefits programs, and lead improvements as necessary so as to attract, hire and retain top quality employees
  • Develop and manage hiring practices, including recruiting, interviewing and selection
  • Develop, implement and maintain job competencies, salary and compensation banding and career development pathing for all business units
  • Develop, implement and maintain employee development/training programs for all core functions as well as general leadership and management training for all levels that help retain, develop and motivate people to achieve their fullest potential
  • Develop and provide compensation support, including annual salary planning, approval of salary, commission and bonus changes and job leveling
  • Build a culture of diversity and inclusion that allows each employee to be heard, foster a sense of company belonging and improve organizational transparency and communication
  • Develop, implement and maintain efficient onboarding processes and training on a consistent basis, and as the company grows
    Manage and resolve complex employee relations issues avoiding litigation and other potential issues
  • Consistently look for ways to improve efficiency and to maximize investments in the Human Resources space as the company scales
  • Analyze trends and metrics to develop and implement organizational policies and other programs, as needed. Ensure company compliance with all federal and state legal requirements.
  • Scale Human Resource strategies in support of organizational goals as the company grows
  • Manage organizational change to increase employee satisfaction and productivity
  • Demonstrate ability to use data and statistics to solve real-world Human Resources problems


  • Master’s degree with specialization in HR Management
  • Minimum 10 years of HR experience, establishing, growing and scaling HR functions from the ground up in companies from $5M – $200M and with employees from 50 – 1000 people. Experience in healthcare payer or healthcare consulting experience a plus, with demonstrated experience in handling front-line and production staff HR matters.
  • Minimum 10 years of management experience with at least 5 years at Senior Management level
  • Minimum 3years experience creating and scaling HR practices in an EOS run organization
  • Extensive knowledge of local and federal labor laws and regulations and ability to comprehend, interpret, and apply the appropriate sections of applicable laws, guidelines, regulations, ordinances, and policies
  • Proven experience establishing and communicating company policies and constantly improving processes to maximize efficiency and transparency throughout the organization
  • Proven experience building hiring, recruiting, retention, development, performance management and training functions with basic “tour of duty” experience in each areas
  • Demonstrated creativity in aligning cost considerations to economic pressures such as tight labor markets, inflation and compensation demands
  • Strong ability to communicate efficiently with all levels of management, co-workers and subordinates
  • Proven ability to understand business goals and then design and implement new approaches, policies and procedures to meet organizational demands
  • Demonstrated ability to wear multiple hats and to transition between strategic thinking and tactical execution
  • Strong data acumen with ability to present content to large groups
  • Ability to partner with all levels of the organization to achieve results.
  • Demonstrated experience strengthening the organization’s hierarchy, jobs, qualifications, compensation practices (including salary banding, commission structures and bonuses) and success improving processes and policies in these areas
  • Excellent time management skills with a proven ability to prioritize the most impactful work amongst competing priorities
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Strong conflict resolution skills
  • Strong sense of/treatment of confidentiality
  • Strong written and oral communication

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