Turnkey Enrollment Services

Quickly gain greater cost efficiencies plus stabilized and efficient processes

Quickly gain greater cost efficiencies, stabilized and efficient processes, plus the latest technology

– Specialized in health plans with broad and deep industry experience

– Diversity-certified, woman-owned business

– Turnkey staffing, training, supervision, technology, and more

– Flexibility and agility to meet your unique needs


The building and maintenance of enrollment products, billing entities, members, and eligibility

Catalyst is your outsourcing resource for automated enrollment to lower enrollment delays, decrease consumer confusion, and for Medicare Advantage and Part D (AMPD) plans ensure compliancy with CMS regulations .

The first experience consumers may have with a health insurance plan is in the enrollment process. Plans can take this opportunity to make a positive first impression by ensuring member information is accurately entered into the core system and that the customer is ready to take advantage of their medical benefits on day one.

Many consumers enrolling in health insurance today may encounter a poor experience from the very beginning of the enrollment process. Operationalizing stable business processes will help identify untimely, incomplete, and inaccurate enrollment information. Upgrading manual, non-standard, and inefficient processes helps health plans overcome consumer confusion, enrollment delays and increased costs.

Catalyst can help you solve:
  • Member enrollment denials
  • Duplicate enrollments
  • Data integrity issues
  • Incorrect group hierarchies
  • Increased contact center call volume
  • Costly system upgrade
  • Higher administrative costs for:
    • Reprocessing enrollment and eligibility requests
    • Validating enrollment eligibility and CMS requirements
    • Verifying enrollment status
    • Re-enrollment activities

Range of enrollment services include, but not limited to:

  • Business process improvement
  • Data strategy/analytics
  • Call center automation
  • Application design
  • Vendor/system selection
  • Learning and development
  • Organizational restructuring
  • Customized programs to suit your unique needs

Catalyst backs our performance with service level and financially based performance guarantees

Catalyst invests time in understanding your unique processes, procedures, and technologies
Every healthcare plan is unique…
In order to provide accurate pricing, Catalyst utilizes a two-week pricing process to understand how all your key differentiators affect how you do business.

Example of Enrollment Service Level Agreements:
  • New Plan Setup: 60-days
  • Plan Update: 30-days
  • New Member Add: 5-days or less
  • Member Update: 5-days or less

Why choose Catalyst Solutions?
Our mission is to help health plans improve healthcare outcomes, drive down costs and optimize revenue. Catalyst Solutions is exclusively focused on the needs of health plans with unmatched depth and 20+ years of specialized industry experience including outsourced BPO, IT, and consulting services. As a diversity-certified, woman-owned company based in the U.S., we offer agility and flexibility to provide comprehensive solutions to meet your unique needs.

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