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Turn Project Management and Governance into Organizational Assets

Impactful Services

Making a Bottom Line Difference

From establishing a Project Management Office to providing basic project training, Catalyst’s PMO Services practice enables health plans to turn project management and governance in to an organizational asset.

Project & Program Execution

Our Robust Service and Support at Your Fingertips

Project Governance

Aligning Project Delivery with Health Plan Strategy


A mature project governance methodology is necessary for the effective management of projects and programs, and for aligning project delivery with health plan strategy. With 20+ years of experience in leading projects and programs, Catalyst has developed a robust project governance approach. This approach provides healthcare projects and organizations with the mechanisms to monitor project progress and control the dependencies that affect resources, budgets, and schedules. Standardizing methods and processes will promote the flow of information and communication related to project activities and allow for the most effective planning of resources.

Catalyst can help with:

  • Policy & Procedure Identification & Documentation
  • Business Case Development
  • Scope Documentation & Adherence
  • Establishing and Implementing Metrics & Reporting
  • Risk & Issue Management
  • Communication Planning
  • Deliverable/Documentation Oversight


When a health plan encounters resource constraints or undertakes large initiatives, seasoned program and/or project managers can be in short supply. Catalyst’s program and project managers work directly with the plan’s project management team to execute projects on behalf of the health plan. Catalyst can adopt the program and project methodologies of the plan, or Catalyst can offer support through Catalyst methodologies.

Catalyst works on projects collaboratively with the health plan team. For the duration of the engagement, Catalyst will share knowledge, tools, and experience to help grow the capabilities of the health plan team.

Catalyst can help with:

  • Project/Program Manager Methodology Training
  • PMO Documentation Creation
  • Augment Existing Project Management Team
  • Requirements Gathering & Documentation
  • Risk Identification & Tracking
  • Project Schedule Creation & Updating
  • Activity & Resource Planning
  • Cost Estimating & Budget Development
  • Reporting & Documentation
  • Deliverable Identification and Creation

Program & Project Support

Knowledge, Tools, and Experience to Grow Capabilities

Classroom Training

Upskilling to Encourage Effective Problem Solving


Catalyst’s training team focuses on teaching health plan employees the tasks they need to do – based on new methodologies, as well as, the functions and responsibilities of their job/role. Catalyst has expertise in instructional design practices, adult learning theory, and classroom facilitation, and can deliver training directly to plan employees or teach trainers to deliver the training themselves. Catalyst can manage the training schedule and training resources – supporting the plan with a wide range of learning management resources.

Catalyst can help with:

  • Project/Program Manager Methodology Training
  • PMO Documentation Creation
  • Training Manuals
  • Desk-Level Procedures
  • Job Aids
  • Training Delivery
  • Train-the-Trainers
  • Project-Specific Training Collateral


The success of a project management office requires that health plan resources learn new skills and methods for approaching problems. To develop the skills of frontline managers and end-users in the tools and methodology around project management, training is a driving factor. Although Catalyst can provide a series of comprehensive training courses on the tools and methodologies of project management, classroom learning is only half the equation. Catalyst also recommends “learning by doing”.

Specifically, Catalyst can work with the project management team to execute projects using tools and methodology which the team might be unfamiliar with. Catalyst will then collaboratively work projects with the health plan team. For the duration of the engagement, Catalyst will share knowledge, tools, and experience – which will grow the health plan team’s capabilities.

Experiential Learning

Growing Team Capabilities

Project Accelerators

Leverage Templates & Tools Already Created


With 20+ years of experience in leading projects and programs, Catalyst has developed a robust repository of project management tools and templates. Rather than creating documents on an as-needed, ad hoc basis, Catalyst’s templates can be used across the plan and allow the adoption of a documented, repeatable process. This is perfect for plans with established PMOs, as these documents can help bring about a new level of standardization to the project management process. For those plans with newly formed PMOs or immature PMOs, this library can be used as an accelerator, allowing the newly created project management team to increase their productivity and effectiveness rapidly.


The healthcare industry is increasingly required to be responsive, customer-focused, and technology-driven. With software as the key driver of growth, innovation, efficiency, and productivity, health plans need to increase efficiency and reduce costs to remain competitive. Plans that intend to survive and thrive have begun adoption of Agile methodologies, which has enabled them to quickly and confidently respond to change, deliver value faster than the competition, and build high-quality products that customers really want. Adopting an Agile methodology requires a formal shift in the way the PMO is organized, leads, and tracks projects.

Catalyst provides:

  • Methodology Training
  • Agile Application/Tool Selection & Training
  • Agile Documentation & Collateral
  • Scrum Leadership
  • Change Management
  • Agile Iteration Road-Mapping
  • Product Owner Coaching

Agile Training & Adoption

Making the Transition to Agile Easier

Client Led Initiatives

Support Services

Catalyst offers several flexible solutions for long and short-term human capital objectives.  Whether a health plan needs an interim executive or a team of claims analysts for overflow capacity, Catalyst provides experienced resources with deep health plan expertise who can immediately hit the ground running.

  • Interim Health Plan Executives
  • Staff Augmentation for Plan Operations & IT Roles
  • Flexible support teams for Claims, Configuration, Testing, Development & Customer Service
  • Catalyst On-Demand support based upon “bucket of hours”