Medical Management

Preventing Health Issues from Escalating

Preventing Health Issues from Escalating through Identification, Engagement & Management of At-Risk Individuals

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– Turnkey staffing, training, supervision, technology, and more

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Catalyst Delivers High-Quality Health Management Services that are Cost-Effective and Drive Successful Patient Healthcare Outcomes

Catalyst’s goal is to help members live healthier lives– by working with health plans to improve member engagement and to assist them in making data-driven decisions.

Catalyst can:

  • Manage members with acute and chronic care needs and support lifestyle wellness initiatives – all while coordinating with doctors, health systems, and ancillary services.
  • Conduct member outreach, including health risk assessments, program enrollment, care coordination quality reviews, and gap-in-care mitigation.
  • Provide manage prior authorization intake, clinical claim review and appeals support.

Catalyst can provide support to your plan, across the continuum of care. Our clinical outsourcing capabilities provide your health plan with a flexible, utility-based business model designed to scale as your organization grows.

Medical Management Services

– Prior authorization intake– Health risk assessments
– Clinical claims review– Outreach/call center services
– Professional utilization management– Program enrollment and referrals
– Authorization management– Patient support services
– Case management– Care coordination quality reviews
– Appeals support– Disease management
– Spend analytics and cost containment

Member Engagement Solutions
– Targeting specific member populations using data and analytics so the plan can deliver a relevant and timely outreach
– Improving member satisfaction by providing timely and meaningful communications
– Reducing member abrasion by streamlining communication touchpoints
– Encouraging improved health through new programs and member engagement services
– Improving industry ratings by making a positive impact on Health Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) scores and CMS Star Rating

Comprehensive Care Management Solution
Health plans can achieve quicker implementation and greater economies of scale with our comprehensive care management solution that provides health plans with both the technology platform and the outsourcing resource for implementation. In partnership with InfoMC, our joint offering includes InfoMC’s population health SaaS platform combined with Catalyst Solution’s outsourcing and consulting services.  More details

Catalyst also provides…

BPO Services:
– Call center services
– Claims administration
– Enrollment
– Finance/billing
– Fulfillment
– Authorizations
– Grievance/appeals

Other Services:
– IT and operations consulting
– Implementation and business readiness
– MLR optimization and premium enhancement

Catalyst backs our performance with service level and financially based performance guarantees.

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