Target and Tackle Your Biggest Administrative Burdens

Improve Your Operational Efficiencies while Reducing Errors and Costs…

By Targeting and Tackling Your Biggest Administrative Burdens 

Catalyst takes a unique approach to helping healthcare payers transform the way they do business. Our focus is on driving positive change in the key areas that net the greatest ROI and outcomes for your members. How do we do this?  Catalyst performs an extensive review using best-in-class bench marking that nets a priority matrix to determine how best to support your unique goals while reducing administrative burdens.  

The first step of Catalyst’s business transformation process is a Targeted Solution Session (TSS) that delivers an in-depth evaluation of your current state.  Catalyst utilizes a proprietary and rigorous process to assess the efficiency of functional areas within your plan.  The process requires a 2 to 5 day working session that focuses on a specific problem or challenges.  Catalyst digs deep to understand the root causes and contributing factors.  

Upon completion of the assessment, Catalyst will provide a cost-benefit analysis and project roadmap of the recommendations that highlights which corrections will show immediate results.  The roadmap is highly adaptable, and it maps out the strategies related to: 

  • Business process improvement
  • Technology optimization
  • Delivery and support approach 

The key focus of Catalyst’s approach is helping health plans achieve:

  • Positive change as quickly as possible and scaled to market needs 
  • Human element of adopting new processes, tools, and technologies 
  • The minimal disruption to your existing workforce

Catalyst will work side-by-side with you to synchronize your technology and processes to achieve the future you envision.  Catalyst brings a deep and broad blend of industry expertise, technical knowledge and optimization methodologies that work.

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