Administrative Solutions for Pet Insurance Payers

Business Process Outsourcing

While the patient has changed, the core components of the transactions are consistent. Applying copayments, deductibles, and plan maximums like traditional healthcare, Catalyst has the experience and expertise for the BPO services you need.

  • Claims
  • Call Center
  • Pre-certifications
  • Enrollment (Application Processing)
  • Billing and Finance

These services can be provided on your existing platform or you can choose to leverage Catalyst’s suite of technology, which includes core platforms, clinical systems, machine learning, and telephony.

Technology Consulting

While the claim platforms for Pet Insurance do not currently have the legislative and billing complexities/burdens of traditional healthcare, basic workflow and configuration is necessary to optimize the system and drive the highest possible auto-adjudication rate while protecting the insurer against fraud, waste, and abuse. Catalyst can assist by leveraging our experience in the technology space.

  • Data Management
  • Core System Optimization
  • Analytics
  • Configuration
    • Core
    • Business
  • System Assessment
  • System Selection
    • Upgrades
    • Installations


Catalyst can leverage its decades of propelling Health Plans to be more efficient and cost-effective within the new landscape of Pet Insurance; building strong operational foundations while supporting scalability as new NACI recommendations take effect.

  • Business Process Optimization & Governance
  • Operation Readiness
  • Control Documentation/Training
  • Targeted Solution Sessions
  • Roadmaps/Process Models/Priority Matrix
  • Fraud Prevention Solutions

Why choose Catalyst Solutions?

Our mission is to help health plans improve healthcare outcomes, drive down costs and optimize revenue. Catalyst Solutions is exclusively focused on the needs of health plans with unmatched depth and 20+ years of specialized industry experience including outsourced BPO, IT, and consulting services. As a diversity-certified, woman-owned company based in the U.S., we offer agility and flexibility to provide comprehensive solutions to meet your unique needs.

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