Claims Administration Outsourcing

Improve the Accuracy and Timeliness of Payments

Improve the Accuracy and Timeliness of Payments

– Specialized in health plans with broad and deep industry experience

– Diversity-certified, woman-owned business

– Turnkey staffing, training, supervision, technology, and more

– Flexibility and agility to meet your unique needs

Reduce administrative costs while increasing the satisfaction of your members and providers

The claims function is central to the health plan business model. Payers that fully leverage the power of automation can improve the accuracy and timeliness of payments. Outsource your claims administration to Catalyst for intake, pricing, adjudication, configuration, and more.
Catalyst is so confident in our performance that we’re willing to provide service level and financially based performance guarantees.

The Catalyst claims processing team works diligently to ensure our clients’ claims are adjudicated quickly and accurately.

Catalyst will help:

  • Optimize System Configuration
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Process Claims
  • Outsource Claims Processing Policy & Procedure Documentation
  • Training & Training Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Workflow Management Optimization
Range of claims services include, but not limited to:
  • Claim intake
  • Error/pend resolution
  • Par and Non-Par pricing
  • Medical claim adjudication
  • Dental claim adjudication
  • Encounter processing
  • Adjustment processing Accumulator tracking
  • Capitation settlement
  • Reporting
  • Correspondences
  • Paper Claims Receipt
  • Sorting and Prepping
  • Imaging (OCR / ICR)

Why choose Catalyst Solution’s Claims administration and consulting services?
Given the importance of claims administration, many insurance providers are choosing to outsource the process of claims administration to specialized experts like Catalyst Solutions. Catalyst aligns our outsourcing and consulting services to your business goals and uses our health plan industry expertise to anticipate your long-term needs. Our services don’t end with outsourcing. We become your trusted advisor and collaborate with you in achieving a better future.

Catalyst believes true success in a BPO relationship can only be built on collaborative partnerships. Our mission is to extend our competencies and scalability to help your health plan focus on what really matters, so much so, that we are willing to build financially based service level agreements into our contracts. This means we put our skin in the game. Together we share both risk and reward.

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